Repair Tips

Nut and Bolt:

When tightening a nut and bolt, ALWAYS hold the bolt stationary and tighten the nut. This prevents galling and keeps the nut and bolt from cold welding together, making disassembly the next time a simple job.


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Stinky Air in your car:

If your car’s air conditioning or heating system is starting to blow stinky air in your face, that means mold and bacteria have taken up residence inside your dash. To help remove these little critters and their offending smell, roll down your windows and put the AC system on full speed, using the outside (not recirculated) air setting. Then spray disinfectant spray into the intake vents under the windshield on the outside of the vehicle. Repeat this process every couple of weeks to keep the bacteria at bay. And remember to air the car out with open windows to remove the disinfectant chemicals BEFORE taking your next trip.