Ask Scotty

EVERYONE has a car question, and Scotty will answer it for you. It may be a simple question, like how often do you REALLY need to change your oil. scotty-kilmer-google-plus-300x300Or it may be a complex technical question, like how do you track down the root cause of a computer trouble code. All questions need REAL answers, and since Scotty’s been repairing cars for the last 47 years, he can give you quality Independent advice.

Maybe you wonder what’s the best car to purchase for your needs. Or perhaps you’re fixing a car, but need a little help. Maybe you can’t find the right tool or the correct information. You might be looking for recall information on a car so you can get it fixed for free. Or you might have a question about some brand new automotive technology you want to know more about. Since Scotty’s always keeping up with the latest automotive technology as a car talk host, he can give you quality Independent advice. The true spirit of America lives on here at the Internet, so take advantage of it and get an expert’s advice for free.

NOW you can ask Scotty car questions LIVE every Sat at 10 AM CST, And Thursdays at 1 pm CST. Just check this video out to join in on the fun.

I’ve answered car questions from as close as my next door neighbour in Houston,Texas, to as far away as Alice Springs and Tasmania Australia. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’ve got a computer, I can lend a hand.