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I’ve been working on cars for nearly 50 years. And these are some of the best products I’ve discovered.

All About Scotty Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer started working as a mechanic in his father’s Texaco gas station at the tender age of 14 (making it 47 years he’s been wrenching so far.) His grandfather Elmer Kilmer, was his mentor. In between getting a Masters Degree from the University of Illinois, and working as a mechanic in the summer, Scotty kept his mind clean while his hands stayed dirty.

   In 1979 Scotty got married and started his own repair business. But eventually, Scotty became restless. So he wrote his book, Everyone’s Guide To Buying A Used Car, in 1994. This lead to him becoming the “Crank It Up” car talk host at CBS TV in Houston.

Fixing Cars All By Yourself

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 47 years, shows how you can fix your car all by yourself. You might be surprised to find that you can do it too with equipment that doesn\'t cost all that much. Why pay a mechanic 100 dollars an hour to do stuff you can do yourself?

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  • Dear Sir, You have done more to help those of us who are willing to learn and do it our self's Thank You for this. A regular fan, Thanks a million Scotty Sir ~ I started my 1995 Ram Truck thanks to you. God Bless !

    Ron Gamblin

  • wow scotty you are amazing thanks to you i have saved a ton of money fixing my car you are the best

    wilbert Coria

  • I just saw on my inbox scotty kilmer live and didnt hesitate to join the broadcast, LOL. keep doing the great job, you've help me a couple of times.

    Sam King

  • Finally! My blazer passed inspection, the engine light wouldn't stay off long enough to pass, but after changing the o2 sensors, and vac lines, cleaning the maf sensor, it passed, thanks for the help!

    Michael Zebroski:

  • We need more people like Scotty Kilmer in the world

    Guppy Singh

  • Awesome. you fixed my 95 Windstar!

    Gerald Hendrickson

  • Such a cool dude. I would trust this guy a thousand percent. Probably got a cool family too. Cheers Scotty; cyber cheers - if you ever come to Auckland beer's on me.


  • best channel on youtube! i watch it any time i need help. thanks now i can replace the brakes on my 1970 mustang! keep up the amazing videos!

    vince kaser

  • Excellent!!! Thank you!!! Was scared, you showed me it can be a 5 min fix.

    Banshee 24

  • I love how you shit on the cars that deserve to be shitted on. I salute you.

    lord adrian


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